How it Works
  • Transforms your tap water or well water into the purest form of drinking water possible; 99.99% Pure.
  • We use " food grade lines that connect right to your main water line (Simple Installation).
  • The water lines used are pressurized so we can virtually put your new water dispenser anywhere you want. (doesn't need to be close to a water source).
  • Our qualified technicians install your water dispenser hiding the water lines. (same idea as installing a phone line, It is that simple).
  • Once the water gets to the dispenser, it goes through a compact 5 Filter Reverse Osmosis System within the dispenser. (No need for huge water systems in your basement that take up space).
  • Now you will have an unlimited supply of the purest water possible as our dispensers are auto refillable.
  • No More Jugs!
  • Maintenance

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