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H2O Pure Characteristics

  • Revolutionary technology in water purification. No More Jugs!
  • Production of water is totally hermetic; does not contact the outside.
  • All H2O Pure water dispensers come equipped with 3 temperatures - HOT, COLD, ROOM TEMP.
  • HOT water comes out 90C which is almost boiling point. This is perfect for Tea, Hot Chocolate, Instant Coffee, Soups, Cooking, and much more. No more waiting for kettles to heat your water.
  • Transforms your tap water or well water into the purest drinking water possible.
  • Excellent purification quality. WATER 99.99% PURE.
  • Unlimited supply of Always Fresh Water.
  • Environmentally Friendly (No more plastic bottles).
  • Saves most customers between 50% to 70% in Costs for an unlimited supply of the best water.
  • Auto Refillable; purifies water from main water line.
  • Fast and Simple installation provided by H2O Pure professionals.
  • Maintenance provided by H2O Pure technicians: Change of filters, Cleaning/Sanitizing.
  • Recyclable products and materials.
  • Eliminates the cost and waste of transporting, storing, and disposing of bottled water jugs.
  • No more lifting heavy water jugs that affect your arms and back.
  • No more spilling water when putting bottles on top of a cooler.
  • No more running out of water.
  • No more empty water jugs to deal with.
  • No more probable contaminants in your water.
  • No more High Costs and variable invoices.
  • The use of H2O Pure products helps reduce energy and resource waste associated with bottled water.

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